Recent Exhibition in Golden Square

Recent work which was on display in Golden Square, London, W1F 9HZ at the kind invitation of Westminster City Council 2014 - 2017.

(Photography by Patrick Allen 2012 & Eamon Kennedy 2014)
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josiespencer josiespencer


In a murmuration there is no central control. Each creature behaves autonomously. It is the mechanics of emergency. Are we a society in a slow motion free fall with everyone acting for themselves? So that the swirling beauty of flight from danger is not affinity or cooperation in animals or man.

(Photography by Eamon Kennedy 2014 and Natalia Majewska 2016)


Our eyes are used to fragments from antiquity. Our reaction to the contemporary fragment is that it is a far more brutal treatment of the subject, as beautiful as that subject may be.

The fragments are from pieces that I first made as complete figures. These figures have been reworked, then pulled apart, fired, reassembled, edited, and cast. All fragments portray the vulnerability of the figure.

(Photography by Patrick Allen 2012 and Natalia Majewska 2016)

The Myths

Myths, Icons from the past, still believed in today.

(Photography by Patrick Allen 2012)


I remember being very struck by an observation of a senior archaeologist many years ago. He observed that all societies in decline make oversized ../images of themselves. I prefer the human scale.

(Photography by Patrick Allen 2012)


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