Low Entropy: The Archaeology of our Time

This show was entitled 'Low Entropy: The Archaeology of our Time'. Although there is definitely a relationship and continuum with my previous work, I am responding in this show to the times that we live in and my sense of the disintegration of western society as a functioning democracy.

(Photography by Jade Pitchford-Waters 2013)


“Previously I worked primarily with women as my models. The expressiveness of their bodies, the way in which their presence is felt, is more familiar to me as a woman. In earlier shows I made a series of figures entitled 'Women in their Own Company'. I was interested in portraying women free from the self consciousness they display in the company of those they wish to attract and free from the judgement of those who see them.”

Selection of work prior to 2009

(Photography by Morley Von Sternberg 2009)


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